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Yeti Minis pre-made miniatures are available on our Esty store



About us


We love Tabletop RPGs and grew up on 3.5e Dungeons and Dragons with only a pen, graph paper, and our imaginations. We've fought with giants from castles in the skies and saved dwarves from dragons. As lovers of D&D and many other TRPGs, we are dedicated to our product and quality. Canada, specifically Calgary, has a great D&D community but doesn't have much for specialization or options for it’s players. We think that our figures will blow you away, impress your party or scare your players. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to ask.


  • Do you do custom prints?:  Yes! click here to get a custom listing option, there you can submit files for custom printing.

  • Do you have a store anywhere?: not at the moment, but if you would love to see our figures in a store, send them an email about us and show your support and willingness to purchase our figures at their location.

  • Can you make a figure for me?: we dont offer custom figure creation services, but we can print your figure once youre done making it. We suggest Heroforge, Eldritchfoundry or ANVL to help you make a custom figure!

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